BASE – most commonly refers to the area of main defenses/buildings; can also be referred to as “yard”

YARD – most commonly refers to a person’s entire area of available game play; can also be referred to as “base”

BDB – Big Dumb Bunch; base design; refers to a design where all towers are place directly beside each other; most widely used base design pre-catapult

BBDB – Better Big Dumb Bunch; base design; towers are placed together in much the same way as the BDB but in this design they are spaced apart at varying intervals to limit the damage done by the catapult

DOUGHNUT – base design; consists of town hall and silo core with towers (& sometimes resource collectors) circling it, followed by another circle of resource collectors and/or other buildings; each circle is generally wrapped in a layer of blocks

CHECKERBOARD – base design; consists of alternating rows of towers and other buildings; generally forms a square or rectangle shape

NOOB – refers to new people (game or forum)

DAVID SCOTT – Creator of all BYM; moderator; #1

BACKYARD BOB – account created for multi-person use by David Scott; moderator; #2

BOOBY TRAPS – can also be referred to as; traps, mines, boobies


DP – Damage Protection; can also be referred to as DamPro

FLING – launching monsters into battle; flung, flinging

PATHING – refers to the route that monsters take when attacking a base

MAZING – to maze; using anything in your yard (most easily accomplished with blocks) to force attacking monsters to a certain area of your yard or away from a certain area of your yard

BRANCHING – to branch; using items (most easily accomplished with blocks) in your yard to divide an attacking wave of monsters into multiple groups

SHEBOINKIN – used to express a sudden oncoming of strong feelings about a particular subject

TH – Town Hall

OS – orbital strike; attacks from catapult use

LEVEL – 100% destruction of an opponents yard; lvl, leveling, leveled

YP – Yard Planner

HCC – hatchery control center

Band of monsters